Chapter 9: Construction

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Section 1: Introduction

Each year TxDOT awards billions of dollars of construction and maintenance contracts for projects ranging from new roads and bridge improvements to sidewalk and hike/bike trails. Many of these projects are completed in partnership with local governments (LG). The Construction phase of the LG/TxDOT project follows the Preliminary Engineering and Design, Plans Specifications & Estimates (PS&E) Development, and Letting phases (Chapters 4, 7 and 8). This phase involves both the administration of the advance funding agreement (Chapter 2) between the LG and TxDOT, as well as the implementation of the executed contract between the construction contractor and the LG.

As described in Chapter 7 – Plans, Specifications & Estimates (PS&E) Development, the PS&E and other bid documents are submitted by the LG and reviewed and approved by TxDOT [the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) may also review the PS&E and bid documents on certain LG projects of FHWA division interest]. A State Letter of Authority and Federal Project Authorization and Agreement (FPAA), if required, are issued, which allow for the advertising of the construction phase of the project. Chapter 8 – Letting and Award describes the letting process for local projects and the subsequent concurrence in the award by TxDOT. Once the LG has received concurrence, the construction is authorized to begin, and the LG may award the contract to the selected bidder and execute the contract. The following sections describe the Construction phase of the project and the regulations required for proper administration of the contract during construction.

As part of the LG program, the LG should have an established system to maintain and organize the project records (see Chapter 2 – Project Initiation). Early organization of the project documents and files by the LG will ensure an audit by TxDOT or FHWA during or at the close of the project will proceed smoothly. Proper record keeping also aids in the administration of the project during construction by documenting compliance with local, state and federal procedures and policies. This chapter of the Manual provides information related to the administration of the project during construction, including the rules and regulations related to initiating the construction project and that must be addressed throughout construction of the project. The companion chapter of the Local Government Project Management Guide (LGPM Guide) provides the procedures and required practices which must be used by the LG and TxDOT during construction.

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