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Section 5: Design - Building Facilities

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Local governments (LG) may be involved in the construction of buildings with TxDOT. The Roadway Facilities group in TxDOT’s Maintenance Division (MNT) is responsible for the review of all architectural and engineering plans, specifications and estimates for building projects on the state highway system or built with state or federal funds. Examples of LG projects involving buildings include emergency operations centers, rest areas, park buildings and transportation museums.

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Architectural and Engineering Standards

Architectural and engineering standards, including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil (SMEPC), are set forth in TxDOT’s Facility Design Standards and Production Guidelines. For federally funded projects, the LG is required to follow 23 CFR Part 635 – Construction and Maintenance. Note that many contracting practices associated with architectural/building projects may not be allowed by federal rules ( 23 CFR Part 635) or state law. If alternate contracting methods (such as construction manager at-risk, turn-key construction or others) are proposed, the LG must demonstrate they are allowable for the intended project, submit a request to TxDOT and receive TxDOT approval for the proposed contracting method. The LGPM Guide provides additional information related to building standards.

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Progress Reviews

In addition to architectural and engineering SMEPC documents, the Roadway Facilitites group will also perform progress reviews related to other building systems that they review and approve for compliance with TxDOT facility standards and guidelines. The LGPM Guide provides a discussion of this process.

For the maintenance of buildings, the LG must include an applicable section in the comprehensive maintenance management agreement (CMMA) discussed in Chapter 10 of the LGPP Manual and LGPM Guide. This section of the CMMA must contain standards for a building upkeep and maintenance program, including preventive and routine maintenance and essential repair planning. The LG should make building inspections at the appropriate intervals to determine maintenance needs.

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