Chapter 5: Environmental Compliance

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Section 1: Introduction

The Environmental Compliance phase of any transportation project occurs throughout the planning, development and execution of the project and runs concurrently with other associated phases of a given project. Environmental compliance issues should be identified early in the project by the local government (LG) in cooperation with the TxDOT district’s environmental coordinator since requirements may impact project initiation tasks, including the details included in the advance funding agreement. State and federal regulations may require a project to be included in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, Metropolitan Transportation Plan and/or Transportation Improvement Program. These requirements need to be identified by the LG through coordination with the TxDOT district’s environmental coordinator. In many projects, the preliminary design (30 percent complete design) is performed concurrently with the Environmental Compliance phase. The Environmental Compliance phase must be completed prior to right-of-way acquisition and/or utility accommodation.

This chapter provides guidance for the LG and TxDOT district to properly perform project scoping, to prepare a categorical exclusion or other appropriate environmental document, and to identify and comply with the environmental permits, issues and commitments for construction transportation projects. Additional information related to overall project initiation, preliminary engineering and other transportation project development and implementation tasks are discussed in detail in other chapters of this Local Government Projects Policy Manual (LGPP Manual) and related chapters of the Local Government Project Management Guide (LGPM Guide).

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