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Section 4: Organization of Manual and Guide

Both the Manual and the Guide are organized by chapters reflecting the steps that occur during project development. Each chapter contains a brief introduction and includes links to many different manuals and other information supporting that chapter. Each chapter is intended to be independent and has a format that is reflective of the materials that are covered.

The Chapters in the Manual and Guide are organized according to the sequential steps in project development and are provided in order:

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  1. Introduction – explanation of how to best utilize the Manual and Guide as resources in project development;
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  3. Project Initiation – project planning, programming, Advanced Funding Agreements, State Letter of Authority and contracting with TxDOT;
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  5. Non-construction Projects – transportation-related projects or programs that do not involve the building of infrastructure;
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  7. Preliminary Engineering and Design – procurement of professional services, project design through 30 percent complete;
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  9. Environmental Compliance – environmental policies, practices and compliance;
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  11. Right of Way and Utilities – real property acquisition, utility relocation and utility service to projects;
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  13. Plans, Specifications & Estimate (PS&E) Development – development of engineering specifications and plans, and bid document preparation;
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  15. Letting and Award – advertising, bidding and awarding a construction contract;
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  17. Construction – building phase of local government projects; and
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  19. Project Close-Out and Maintenance – financial close-out and document retention, audit and maintenance.
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