Manual Notice: 2019-1

From: John Jameson, Director, Local Government Projects Office

Manual: Local Government Projects Policy Manual

Effective Date: November 08, 2019



The Local Government Projects Policy Manual provides applicable laws and regulations for local governments developing transportation projects under the oversight of the Texas Department of Transportation. This manual addresses both state of Texas requirements and federal requirements administered through the Federal Highway Administration; however, it does not address public transportation, aviation or concessionaire projects.

This update to the manual includes changes to Chapter 2, including updated state and federal laws and regulations, changes associated with local government project requirements and over-sight, and general clarification of various manual provisions.

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Chapter 2 – Project Initiation

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  • Updated references to the revised federal Uniform Administrative Requirements and Cost Principles.
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  • Addressed TxDOT responsibilities to formally determine a local government’s abilities and resources in relation to performing one or more elements of the project development process, including processes for risk assessment, evaluation of qualifications and levels of TxDOT oversight.
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  • Added provisions describing the role of a project manager for each local government project.
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  • Updated provisions specifying funding participation and party responsibilities reflected in revisions to state rules.
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  • Expanded examples of non-construction local government projects.
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  • Addressed the addition of a Local On-System Agreement simplifying documentation and oversight associated with fully local government-funded projects on the state highway system.
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  • Clarified the requirements related to obtaining state and federal project authorization.
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  • Addressed federal requirements relating to formatting and retention of project records.
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Local Government Projects Policy Manual 2015-1

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For more information about this manual, please contact the Transportation Programs Division, Local Government Projects Section.

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Past manual notices are available in a PDF archive.

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