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Section 2: State Letter of Authority

As discussed in detail in Chapter 2, the SLOA must be issued on all projects whether the work is competitively bid or performed by the LG. For non-construction projects, the request from the LG and issuance of a SLOA from TxDOT is required prior to initiation of work on the project. Chapter 3 – Non-Construction Projects provides more details on the SLOA issued as a Notice to Proceed on these types of projects.

Three SLOAs are required by TxDOT and issued during the course of a construction transportation project involving state or federal funds. The first SLOA is required prior to the Preliminary Engineering phase. The second SLOA is required prior to the acquisition of right of way. The third is required prior to advertising for construction. A Federal Project Authorization and Agreement (FPAA) is required in addition to the SLOA for all construction and non-construction projects that include federal funds (it is not required for projects that only include local and state funds). The LGPM Guide provides the procedures for the issuance of each SLOA and FPAA.

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