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Section 3: Cost Participation

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All cost participation should be in accordance with the agreement.

TxDOT typically participates in costs of:

  • Special Commissioners’ Hearings;
  • appraisal expenses for the State’s fee appraisers used in condemnation cases;
  • utility relocations; and
  • fencing and property adjustments;

…and typically assumes the responsibility for:

  • land surveys,
  • property descriptions,
  • title information,
  • preparation of instruments, ROW maps, supplemental investigations or appraisals necessary to determine the appropriateness of submitted values and fees for title services,
  • appraisals where the State is to determine values as a result of the LPA’s use of the waiver provision of the contractual agreement,
  • relocation assistance, and
  • removal of improvements.

The LPA typically assumes entire responsibility for:

  • costs incurred in arriving at values to recommend for State approval,
  • costs relative to negotiation,
  • its attorney fees for condemnation proceedings, and
  • costs of recording instruments of conveyance.
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