Chapter 1: Introduction

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Section 1: Overview


The information contained in this manual is in the process of being updated to reflect recent changes to Chapter 21 of the Texas Property Code and Chapter 2206 of the Texas Government Code, and may not accurately reflect current law or department procedures. Please contact the Right of Way Division at 512-416-2902 for more information.

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Expanded Guide

This Real Estate Acquisition Guide for Local Public Agencies (LPA) was originally created to provide a brief guide for LPAs on real estate acquisition and, thereby, to enhance cooperation between the LPAs and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in the right of way (ROW) acquisition process. Due to new State and Federal laws/regulations and the recent increase in State cost participation with LPAs, it has been necessary to completely revise and substantially expand its contents.

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The purpose of this Guide is to:

  • provide a basic understanding of the right of way acquisition process;
  • provide a reference for persons involved in the acquisition of private property for public purposes;
  • identify various State regulations that must be followed in the acquisition process; and
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  • identify various Federal laws and regulations governing projects where Federal‑aid is involved.
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Right of Way Form Templates

Throughout this Guide, sample and actual template forms are accessible for saving, opening, and or downloading.

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