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Section 4: Payment Procedures



The procedures for payment to the LPA should follow standard payment procedures described in Reimbursement Policies and Procedures in Chapter 3, Section 20 of this Guide, and TxDOT’s Right of Way Manual, Volume 2, Chapter 18.

Upon delivery to TxDOT of acceptable instruments conveying to the State the required ROW, a voucher for the reimbursement to the LPA will be prepared and transmitted to the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

If the amount contributed by the LPA is greater than the final actual ROW costs, the excess amount will be refunded to the LPA. Since it is possible that some projects could financially burden an LPA if the entire contribution is required with the submittal of the contractual agreement, the LPA can make incremental payments. Any agreement with an incremental payment schedule has to be approved by the Executive Director of TxDOT in accordance with 43TAC §15.52, Subsection 6(B).

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