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Section 7: Procedure for Notification to TxDOT

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Procedure (State Participation)

Responsibility rests with LPAs to give prompt notice to TxDOT about all action taken in respect to condemnation proceedings. This includes written notification prior to filing of proceedings. The LPA must not initiate condemnation proceedings until authorized by TxDOT. Notice of the following events is required:

  • Date of filing the petition. The District should be furnished with a file stamped “copy of the petition.”
  • Date of hearing before the Special Commissioners, as soon as it is set, and prompt notification of any postponements.
  • Date of the filing and the amount of the award, and whether the county or city plans to recommend appeal within the statutory allowable period. This should be furnished immediately to the District.
  • Date of filing of notice of appeal by either party.
  • Date of the jury or non-jury trial, as soon as it is set.
  • Date and the amount of the jury verdict and whether the county or city intends to appeal.
  • Notice of appeal of the jury verdict or non-jury judgment by the property owner, if applicable.
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