Chapter 9: Records

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Section 1: Preparation for Closing ROW Projects

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Before submitting the request for final closing of a project, the LPA should verify that:

  • all required ROW is acquired
  • all condemnation cases are closed by final judgment
  • all charges owed by the State are paid, and
  • it has requested reimbursement on all expenses eligible for State participation, (if applicable), or
  • it has billed the State for their share of the receipts from the sale of improvements. (if applicable)
  • all records have been reviewed by the TxDOT right of way personnel for compliance with Title III requirements.
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Title III Parcel Review Checklist

Form ROW-LPA-IIIPR, Title III Parcel Review Checklist should be completed by the District and used to ensure that all Title III Parcel Review items have been covered prior to submission to ROW Division for payment and/or closure.

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