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Section 7: Relocation

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Legal Authority

Individuals and businesses displaced by highway projects receiving federal funding are entitled to relocation assistance payments. If the state participates in funding the project, the LPA must comply with TxDOT's instructions on relocation assistance. If the state does not participate in funding, the LPA must comply with the minimum requirements of the Uniform Act.

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Notices and Services

Persons to be displaced by a right of way project are entitled to various notices and services, including notice that the person will not be required to move without at least 90 days' advanced written notice and that the person will be given relocation advisory services. The LPA may also be required to aid the person in finding replacement housing. Certain re-establishment expenses may be available to displaced businesses.

Relocation assistance is complex and, most importantly, affects the day to day lives of the displaced persons. Failure to comply with the Uniform Act could jeopardize federal funding on current and future projects. Relocation assistance procedures are detailed in the ROW Relocation Assistance Manual.

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