Chapter 4: Reimbursement and Project Closeout

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Section 1: Acquisition Reimbursements

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State Reimbursement for LPA-Acquired Right of Way

TxDOT will promptly reimburse LPAs under the terms of the right of way agreement. But, the LPA must first initiate a request for reimbursement. The LPA does not need to complete all acquisitions or expenditures on the project before requesting reimbursement. Reimbursement requests may be made when all of the reimbursable expenditures on a particular parcel are completed.

For in-depth treatment of reimbursements, see the ROW Acquisition Manual, Chapter 18, Section 11, State Reimbursement for LPA Acquired Right of Way.

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Incidental Expenses on Transfer of Real Property

Property owners whose property is acquired for state highway purposes are entitled to reimbursement for certain expenses necessary and incidental to the transfer of the property. Where a project uses either state or federal funds, the LPA is responsible for the reimbursement of these incidental expenses.

Transfer fees (including recording fees) incidental to conveying property to the state are eligible for reimbursement.

See the ROW Acquisition Manual, Chapter 19, Incidental Expenses on Transfer of Real Property for more information.

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