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Section 2: Relocation Assistance Procedures

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Relocation Assistance on LPA-Negotiated Property on FM and 90‑10 Highway Projects

As soon as possible after the LPA has made their first contact to negotiate, they should notify the TxDOT District Right of Way personnel by immediately furnishing the District Office with a copy of the Offer Letter. (Note: On parcels that involve displacees, the District Right of Way Section must be notified approximately three (3) weeks prior to the LPA contacting the owner).

The LPA should also immediately advise TxDOT of the name and address of any tenant occupying the property.

After negotiations have begun on FM Highways, the LPA should provide TxDOT with a list of the advertising signs that are to be treated as personal property of the sign owners on the property to be acquired.

The LPA should again notify TxDOT on each parcel when the deed is signed or, in the case of eminent domain proceedings, when the award is deposited in the registry of the court.

The LPA should also notify TxDOT on each parcel the date that the transaction was closed or the date that the final judgment was filed in eminent domain proceedings.

In those cases where displacees are involved, it will still be TxDOT’s responsibility to provide the displacee with written notice allowing them at least 90 days to vacate the premises and at least 30 days to vacate after acquisition. A copy of this letter will be furnished to the LPA so they can cause the parcel to be vacated on the prescribed date.

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