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Section 6: ROW Maps and Parcel Numbering

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Definition & Preparation

A ROW map is a compilation of engineering data, property descriptions, parcel plats, appraisal information, and improvements related to a transportation project. All ROW maps must be prepared under the supervision of a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS). ROW maps do not have to be signed and sealed by an RPLS. ROW maps are recognized as internal engineering plans and management documents.

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Parcel Numbering

The methodology of numbering ROW parcels must be correct and consistent to avoid problems in the appraisal process or with record maintenance through the Right of Way Information System. Anyone preparing ROW maps must communicate regularly with the District for uniformity of methodology.

For detailed information on TxDOT map standards, parcel numbering, and submission/approval of ROW maps, refer to TxDOT’s Right of Way Manual, Volume 1, Chapter 4, Section 2.

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Property Descriptions and Parcel Plats

In contrast to ROW maps being engineering documents, property descriptions, and parcel plats are prepared as exhibits for the conveyance of a property interest. The property descriptions and parcel plats reflect a boundary survey and must be signed and sealed by an RPLS. Property descriptions prepared for ROW projects consist of a heading with TxDOT identification items, along with a regular metes and bounds description and parcel plats prepared on letter size sheets. Letter size sheets allow the descriptions and plats to be filed with the County Clerk’s office without reducing copies.

For detailed information on property descriptions and parcel plats, refer TxDOT’s Right of Way Manual, Volume 1, Chapter 4, Section 3.

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