Chapter 2: ROW Procedures Preliminary to Project Release

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Section 1: General ROW Project Development

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Obtaining Relocation Funding - LPA Acquisitions (with State Participation)

  • Costs for relocation payments and services will be paid for ROW projects involving LPA acquisitions with State reimbursement, unless otherwise stated in the contractual agreement (“agreement”) between the State and the LPA.
  • Relocation costs incurred before project release by the State are not eligible for State reimbursement.
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LPA Project Set Up (with State Participation)

Submit a request to TxDOT with the following information:

  • Texas Transportation Commission approval of the project
  • Environmental Clearance Date
  • ROW map, property descriptions, and parcel plats approved by the District. For examples, see TxDOT’s Right of Way Manual, Volume 1, Chapter 4, Section 3.
  • Any ROW acquired by the LPA prior to the signed contractual agreement with, and project release by, TxDOT will be considered non-reimbursable.
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