Section 12: Cast-in-Place Concrete Slab and Girder Spans (Pan Forms)

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Use Class S concrete ( = 4.0 ksi). If the superstructure will be subjected regularly to de-icing agents or could come into contact with saltwater spray, use Class S (HPC) concrete.

Use Grade 60 reinforcing steel. Use uncoated reinforcing steel unless the deck will be subjected regularly to de-icing agents based on district policy, in which case use epoxy-coated reinforcing steel.

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Geometric Constraints

The only skew angles and span lengths available for pan form spans are provided on relevant standard drawings. Forming systems currently in use do not provide for alternative skews or span length.

Limit slab overhangs to a maximum of 13.75 inches measured from face of stem to edge of slab.

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Structural Analysis

None required.

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Design Criteria

None required. Pan form spans are predesigned and shown on standard drawings.

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