Section 2: Foundations

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Design foundations in accordance with requirements outlined in the Geotechnical Manual.

Design foundations to be in compression under Service I Load Combination. Exceptions are permitted only where additional foundation elements and/or repositioning foundation elements cannot prevent tension in the foundation elements under Service I Load Combination. If foundations are in tension in the service or factored limits states, including structures with significant staged construction foundation variations, provide structural details that ensure adequate load transfer throughout the substructure.

Design foundations and substructures for changes in foundation conditions due to scour as noted in Article 3.7.5. Refer to Hydraulic Manual and Geotechnical Manual for additional guidance on design for scour.

The beneficial effects of system behavior incorporating bents of varying configurations and abutment resistance may be used to evaluate the capacity of foundations and substructures.

Monoshafts framing into to dissimilarly sized columns must conform to the non-contact splice conditions of Article For monoshafts framing with single column bents, perform analysis to examine the consequences of deflection under lateral loads.

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