Manual Notice: 2018-1

From: Gregg A. Freeby, P.E., Director, Bridge Division

Manual: Bridge Design Manual - LRFD

Effective Date: July 31, 2018



This manual documents policy on bridge design in Texas. It assists Texas bridge designers in applying provisions documented in the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, to which designers should adhere unless directed otherwise by this document.



Revisions to manual to conform to the 8th Edition of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications with Interims. Updates generally consist of the following: Updated equation numbers relating to AASHTO LRFD BDS Chapter 5 organizational changes; Removed Section 9 of Chapter 3 for Pretensioned Concrete Double-Tee Beams; Added requirement to specify fit condition for steel plate girder spans in Chapter 3 Sections 13 and 14; Added requirement for primary method of splicing in plans to be bolted in Chapter 3 Sections 13 and 14; Added spacing and geometric requirements for access openings in segmental spans in Chapter 3 Section 15; Relocated column collision guidance from Chapter 2 Section 2 to Chapter 4 Sections 6 and 7; Added Section 9, Chapter 4, for Lateral Restraint of Bridge Superstructures on Substructures; Per updates to AASHTO, revised language in Chapter 5 Section 3 to no longer disregard nodal analysis for large nodes; Added Section 5, in Chapter 5 for Culverts; Added Chapter 6 for Archiving Design Notes; minor revisions in various chapters to reference current editions of publications; minor editorial revisions.



This revision supersedes version 2015-1.



For more information about any portion of this manual, please contact the Design Section of the Bridge Division.



Past Manual notices are available in a PDF archive.

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