Manual Notice: 2012-1

From: John P. Campbell, P.E., SR/WA, CTCM, Right of Way Division Director

Manual: Right of Way Manual Vol. 5 – Property Management

Effective Date: August 01, 2012


The purpose of this revision is to implement SB1420 legislation (passed in the regular session of the 82nd Texas Legislature).


Chapter 1, Disposition of Surplus Right of Way Interests: Renamed Section 5 to Transfer of Surplus Right of Way to an LPA with Waiver of Payment to the State, and added option that a Local Public Agency can assume jurisdiction, control, and maintenance for public road purposes. Throughout this chapter, replaced terms such as “District”, “Region”, and “Division” with more generic terms able to survive small organizational changes.


Hilda Correa, R/W Staff Services, 512.416.2902


Past manual notices are available in a pdf archive.

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