Manual Notice: 2015-1

From: John P. Campbell, P.E., SR/WA, CTCM, Right of Way Division Director

Manual: Right of Way Manual Vol. 5 – Property Management

Effective Date: July 09, 2015


The purpose of this revision is to focus the Right of Way Manual Vol. 5 - Property Management more on policies and less on procedures, and to bring manual into alignment with current procedures.


Updated text throughout Chapter 1 Disposition of Right of Way Interests No Longer Needed for Highway Purposes.

In Chapter 2 Disposition of Real Property Facility Sites No Longer Needed for a State Highway Purpose, added section for Exchange of Real Property and updated reference to a standard operating procedure.

In Chapter 4 Leasing, removed references to a standard operating procedure that is no longer used.


Hilda Correa, R/W Asset Management, 512.416.2902


Past manual notices are available in a pdf archive.

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