Chapter 4: Contract Outsourcing

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Section 1: Terms Used in This Chapter

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Bidder - A bidder is any firm or company submitting a proposal to provide ROW services based on a qualifications/price method.

Provider - A provider is any firm or company performing ROW services under a professional services contract.

Outsourcing - Outsourcing means methods of providing ROW services to TxDOT through a third party agreement.

Professional Service - Professional services means services covered by the Professional Services Act (Texas Government Code Title 10, Subtitle D, Section 2254), including accounting, architecture, landscape architecture, land surveying, medicine, optometry, professional engineering, real estate appraising, and professional nursing, and services provided in connection with the professional employment or practice of a person who is licensed or registered as a state certified or state licensed real estate appraiser.

Purchase of Services - Purchase of services means the method of providing right of way services to TxDOT based on established ratios of qualifications and bid price.

Bid Evaluation Formula - A bid evaluation formula is the method used to award a purchase order in accordance with established ratios of qualifications and bid price.

Evaluation Matrix - An evaluation matrix is the form used to determine total points accumulated by a bidder based on qualifications.

Centralized Master Bidder List (CMBL) - The centralized master bidders list is a Texas bid subscription service listing registered bidders who have paid a maintenance fee to review bid opportunities.

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