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Section 7: Dispute Resolution

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Pursuant to TxDOT policy (refer to 43TAC §9.2), any dispute between TxDOT and the provider, in a contract under the Professional Services Procurement Act, concerning the services performed, additional costs incurred, non-procurement issues or interpretation or application of the terms and conditions of the specifications or work authorization/purchase order should be resolved between the parties if possible. If such resolution is not possible, the provider may file a claim, pursuant to 43TAC §9.2 with the Director of the ROW Division who will then forward it to the Contract Claims Committee.. If a decision rendered pursuant to that regulation is not satisfactory to the provider, an appeal may be filed with the Executive Director of TxDOT pursuant to 43TAC §§1.21 to 1.61inclusive.

Contracts entered into under the Purchasing Act, 43TAC §9.1 however, require contractors to file their claims with the Director of the Contract Services Office, and such filing has strict deadline and other requirements involved.

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