Manual Notice: 2010-1

From: John P. Campbell, P.E., SR/WA, Right of Way Division Director

Manual: Right of Way Manual Vol. 6 – Miscellaneous

Effective Date: May 01, 2010


To add guidance on the use of environmental covenants for contaminated property. Effective September 1, 2009, under the authority of Senate Bill 480 as codified in Transportation Code §202.061, the Texas Transportation Commission may enter into an environmental covenant for the purpose of subjecting real property in which the department has an ownership interest to a plan or the performance of work for environmental correction action.


Chapter 1 – Hazardous Materials: In Section 3 - Procedure Overview, added a reference to the new chapter on environmenal covenants for contaminated property.

Chapter 2 – Environmental Covenants for Contaminated Property: This new chapter has been added, and subsequent chapters have been re-numbered.


Hilda Correa, ROW Division Administrative Manager, 512.416.2902


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