Section 4: Types of Services

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Professional Services

ROW projects that include appraisal or appraisal review services must be procured pursuant to a professional services contract. Other ROW services, which may be procured by a professional services contract, include ROW surveying and mapping. These other services may also be procured by following the guidelines provided by the Contract Services Office. For additional information contact the Contract Services Office.

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Purchase of Services (Bid)

Any ROW services to be obtained by an outsourcing agreement that does not include appraisal, appraisal review or surveying services must be procured under the bid procedure. Services procured could include but not be limited to negotiation, relocation, condemnation support, clearance of ROW, etc. These services may be procured either individually or in groups of functions. Any agreement awarded under this method shall be made by and under the auspices of the General Services Division. For additional information contact the General Services Division.

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Local Purchase of Service

This type of purchasing of service should rarely be used. If a District needs to procure the services of one person for a specific type of process, i.e. negotiations, then this type of service procurement can be utilized. The District will need to work with the District purchaser for using this type of service procurement. Local purchasing cannot be used if the service to be procured is appraisal, appraisal review or surveying. For additional information contact the General Services Division.

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