Manual Notice: 2011-1

From: James L. Randall, P.E., Director, TPP Division

Manual: Transportation Multimodal Systems Manual

Effective Date: May 01, 2011


The Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP) has revised and replaced Chapter 2, Ports, in the Transportation Multimodal Systems Manual. To document TxDOT's implementation of port-related state requirements, the chapter identifies the department's maritime port program and how the program supports the statutory Port Authority Advisory Committee.


Section 1 is an overview, including the value of maritime ports in Texas, TxDOT's traditional role of landside intermodal planning, and the department's expanded role of the maritime port program.

Section 2 lists TxDOT's primary duties and authorities of the maritime port program, states the purpose of the Port Authority Advisory Committee, and identifies relative departmental procedures to:

  • Support the Texas Transportation Commission's appointment of committee members.
  • Support the convening process of committee meetings.
  • Support the committee's development of the annual report entitled, Port Capital Program.
  • Prepare the annual evaluation of the committee's effectiveness.
  • Record documentation of TxDOT's compliance with Texas statutes and associated TxDOT policies.

Section 3 identifies potential future revisions of the chapter, subject to increases in TxDOT's maritime port program duties and responsibilities.


Readers may direct questions or suggestions for this chapter to the Systems Planning and Management Section of TPP by phone, 512-486-5038.

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Past manual notices are available in a pdf archive.

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