Section 2: Other Elements of Accommodating Bicycles within the Transportation System

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During the planning, design, and construction of typical roadway sections, the cost of including bicycle and pedestrian facilities is not addressed as a separate funding category. The same is true for both new construction and rehabilitation projects. The cost of including bicycle and pedestrian accommodation is usually included in the overall cost of the project.

Some bicycle and pedestrian facilities, usually those off the state highway system, may be eligible to be funded as enhancement projects. Development of bicycle or pedestrian facilities as enhancement projects does involve a separate funding category.

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Statewide Route Map

A pilot project is being planned to determine a methodology for developing a comprehensive Statewide Route Map. The project will include use of a suitability index for including particular roadways within a computer database. The project is to produce a district map that will provide roadway information for a bicyclist to use in selecting a route.

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