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Section 9: Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program

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The Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program (BPM) was developed to supplement funding for bridge maintenance. It is meant to bridge the gap between routine maintenance funding and the Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement Program and is not intended to be used for previously scheduled bridge maintenance projects. The BPM is 100 percent state funded from Strategy 144.

The following are examples of the types of work eligible for consideration:

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Eligible Bridges

This program is to address bridge problems early to substantially extend the life. The goal is to address those bridges that are structurally deficient (condition rating of 4 or less for deck, superstructure or substructure) that will not be programed for federal funding in the next 10 years. Bridges that are programmed for bridge rehabilitation or replacement are not eligible for this program, unless recommended by the Bridge Division.

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BPM projects are let in CMCS under Segment 78 like a routine maintenance contract using "BPS" as the project class. MNT transfers BPM funds to the district's Strategy 144 budget after letting. MNT approval is required prior to contract award for any project that has a low bid greater than 20 percent of the estimate shown on the approved projects list. Districts have signature authority for change orders. Upon request by the district, change orders may be funded with program under-runs if available and with MNT approval.

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