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Section 3: Contract Budget

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Contracted Routine Maintenance Budget

The districts use the Strategy 144, Contracted Routine Maintenance budget for district or state let Routine Maintenance Contracts (RMC's). Districts may let "district let" RMC's up to an estimated amount of $300,000. Any project with an Engineer's Estimate of $300,000 or more must be let as a "state let" project through the Maintenance Division. Districts have full authority to schedule and let projects without additional approval within their allocated budget.

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Category 1, Preventive Maintenance and Rehabilitation, Allocation Program

The preventive maintenance budget is handled as a "bank balance" program with the districts receiving formula-based allocations. The program addresses preventive maintenance to preserve the existing state highway system. The program is authorized by the Commission annually and funds are managed by the Finance Division, Programming and Letting Section.

The program also funds rehabilitation of existing main lanes, structures and frontage roads. The installation and/or rehabilitation of signs and their appurtenances, pavement markings, thermoplastic striping, traffic signals, and illumination systems are also allowed under this category.

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