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Section 3: Contract Budget

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Routine Maintenance Contract Budget

The districts use the routine maintenance contract budget for local or state let Routine Maintenance Contracts (RMC). Districts may let “local let” RMCs up to an estimated amount of $300,000. Any projects estimated to cost over $300,000 must be let as a “state let” project through the Maintenance Division. Districts have full authority to schedule and let projects without additional approval. This is an actual budget and is allocated in conjunction with the maintenance and operations work budget.

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Preventive Maintenance Program

The preventive maintenance budget is handled as a “bank balance” program with the districts receiving formula-based allocations. The program addresses preventive maintenance to preserve the existing state highway system (see definitions of maintenance in Chapter 1, “Definitions and Planning”). The program is authorized by the Commission annually.

Up to 20 percent of “non-preventive” maintenance work can be performed with this program, but only through the Maintenance Division's approval.

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Interstate Maintenance Program

The Interstate Maintenance (IM) Program was authorized in the Transportation Efficiency Act of 1998 (TEA21). It is intended for use in maintaining the existing interstate highway system. IM funds can only be expended on the interstate highway system and are intended for the maintenance, preventive maintenance and rehabilitation of existing main lanes and structures. These types of projects are programmed through the Transportation Planning and Programming Division.

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