Chapter 1: Definitions and Planning

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Section 1: Overview

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Introduction to Maintenance Management

The Maintenance Management Manual contains the following chapters:

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  • Chapter 1, Definitions, Planning and Scheduling: Provides guidance for maintenance management.
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  • Chapter 2, Budgeting: Describes the maintenance budgets that are available to the districts to maintain the state highway system.
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  • Chapter 3, Level of Service: Defines the appropriate level of maintenance and priorities placed on the work. These levels can be used in planning, performing and evaluating maintenance activities with available funds.
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  • Chapter 4, Contracting and Purchasing: Explains how TxDOT accomplishes its maintenance mission by effectively supplementing its work force with routine maintenance contracts; preventive maintenance contracts; purchase of service; interagency contracts; state use program agreements and emergency contracts.
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  • Chapter 5, Agreements, Permits and Reports: Identifies special reports and permits that can apply to maintenance offices.
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  • Chapter 6, Management Information Systems: Describes the two main management systems that can be used by maintenance staff for planning and evaluation of the level of service provided by maintenance operations.
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  • Chapter 7, Emergency Management: Identifies the department's responsibilities and provides guidance for emergency response.
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  • Chapter 8, Pits and Quarry Safety: Describes TxDOT's role in enforcing the Texas Aggregate Quarry and Pit Safety Act.
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  • Chapter 9, Local Government Assistance Program: Describes the Local Government Assistance Program that requires the Department to assist counties with materials to repair and maintain county roads.
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Purpose of this Chapter

The purpose of this chapter is to provide background information for maintenance management. Section 2, "Definitions of Maintenance," includes guidelines and examples of routine, preventive and major maintenance. Section 3, "Maintenance Plans." explains the basic elements required for a one-year plan.

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