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Section 2: Maintenance Budget Process

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The Routine Maintenance Budget process is performed at the statewide and district levels.

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Appropriation Process

The Administration balances the needs in all areas of the department and develops the Department’s Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR). The LAR is submitted to the legislature in accordance with Legislative Budget Board (LBB) procedures.

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District Allocations

When the legislature passes an appropriation bill for the biennium, the Maintenance Division uses various funding formulas to determine each district’s proposed budget.

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Budget Formulas

Formulas were developed for each major work activity. The formulas are based upon applicable factors for each activity. Factors include inventory of physical components, condition of those components, and historical costs.

The following items are examples of these factors:

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Section Allocations

The district allocates funds to each maintenance office including traffic and special crews. The allocation of funds is coordinated among the district maintenance office, the area engineers and the maintenance section offices. The district engineer makes final approval of allocated funds within the district.

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