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Section 2: Maintenance Management System

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Maintenance Management System (MMS) Defined

The MMS is a web-based application that provides detailed statistics on highway maintenance activities in order to accomplish the following:

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  • provide data on work load and cost of maintenance activities to support budgeting and planning efforts
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  • provide a tool for analyzing maintenance activities so that production efficiency can be improved
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  • identify sections of highway with high maintenance costs as candidates for rehabilitation
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  • document the work accomplished in order to support the department's budget requests to the legislature
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  • provide data to compare costs of maintenance activities performed under contract with those performed by state forces
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  • provide tools to plan maintenance work including labor, equipment and material.

For more information on how to enter data or obtain reports from MMS, refer to the MMS tutorials on the Maintenance Division's SharePoint site.

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Function Codes for Maintenance

Designated function codes categorize work activities. Maintenance work must be charged to detailed function codes shown in Code Chart 12. Detailed descriptions of these function code can be found in the Code Chart 12 Guidelines posted on the Maintenance Division Crossroads site. Function codes are divided into eight general areas of maintenance work listed below:

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Work Area Codes


100 series

Base and Subgrade

200 series

Bituminous Surface

300 series

Concrete Pavement

400 series

Shoulders & Approaches

500 series


600 series

Bridge Maintenance

700 series

Traffic Service

800 series

Extraordinary Maintenance

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MMS Interfaces

The department uses the MMS to input roadway maintenance data into the following systems:

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Salary and Labor Distribution System


employee time

Equipment Operations System


equipment use

Material Supply Management System


material use

Interfaces between the Construction and Maintenance Contract System (CMCS) and SiteManager allow the MMS to capture contract maintenance activity data.

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