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Section 3: Maintenance Plans

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Developing a Maintenance Plan

One of the most important items in maintenance management is developing a good plan to guide operations within the district. Districts should develop long range strategies and one-year maintenance work plans to implement those strategies. The one-year plan should be developed after the respective district maintenance budget has been determined. The plan should be a result of analyzing historical quantities of work performed and the resulting level of service.

Information on quantities of work may be found in the Maintenance Management Information System reports. Levels of service information can be found from the Pavement Management Information System or the Texas Maintenance Assessment Program reports.

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Plan Format

The format of the plan can be tailored to fit the district; however, the following items should be considered:

  • Construction—No major maintenance should be planned on sections of roads programmed for construction or reconstruction.
  • Rehabilitation or Resurfacing—Maintenance needed to prepare roads scheduled for rehabilitation and/or preventive maintenance should be determined and planned. Work such as base repairs, milling and inlay, edge repairs and blade level ups should be performed in advance to insure proper curing and performance analysis before resurfacing.
  • Special Priority Items—Items that have been given special priority or emphasis by the Administration, Division or District should be planned. Examples include:
    • sign upgrade program
    • safety upgrades (Guardrail extruder terminals, attenuator upgrades, etc.)
    • bridge joint cleaning and sealing
    • edge and spot sealing.
  • Labor Intensive Activities—These activities should be analyzed to determine if more cost effective measures can be performed. For example, a road that has a large amount of edge raveling or failures should be patched and then edge sealed. The edge seal is a preventive measure that will reduce future labor intensive patching.
  • Section Plans—The maintenance plan should start at the maintenance section level and then can be compiled to determine the district plan.

    The following illustration shows how the one-year plan may be formatted.

    Example of a one-year plan (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i999661grtop

    Figure 1-1. Example of a one-year plan

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Maintenance Budget

The maintenance plan should be converted into a maintenance budget. The following illustration is an example of a maintenance budget.

Example of a maintenance budget (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i999667grtop

Figure 1-2. Example of a maintenance budget

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