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Section 4: River Water Use Certification

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By authority of an Order of the Texas Water Rights Commission (currently known as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) dated September 11, 1968, the department is authorized to take and use small amounts (truck tanks) of water from public sources for maintenance and repair of the state highway system performed by state forces.

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The department is required to file a report with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) stating the amount of unmetered public waters used for this purpose during each calendar year. The Maintenance Division reports this information to the TCEQ. Accordingly, each district must submit an annual estimate of this usage to the Maintenance Division at least a week before February 15. Districts reporting water use to a TCEQ Watermaster should report to the Maintenance Division that their water use for the year has been reported to a regional watermaster and, to avoid double reporting, not report quantities.

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