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Section 8: State Use Program

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The Human Resource Code, Chapter 122, "Texas Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities," provides the statutory authority for the State Use Program, previously known as the "Set Aside Program".

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The objective of the State Use Program is to provide employment to Texans with disabilities through Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP), who can provide services and/or products while, at the same time, providing government agencies with a means of accomplishing work. Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (TIBH) is the central nonprofit agency responsible for working with department to manage the program. In 1975, the legislature mandated the establishment of a program through which state agencies would purchase products and services produced by workers with disabilities. The law requires the use of this program if a CRP can provide the needed service on time for a fair market value.

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Refer to Maintenance Contract Manual for guidance.

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