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Section 4: Texas Maintenance Assessment Program

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Texas Maintenance Assessment Program (TxMAP) Background

TxMAP was developed by the Maintenance Division in 1999 to document the condition of the state highway system and to meet the requirements of Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 34 (GASB34).

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Annually, the program collects maintenance performance data on approximately 4000 one mile roadway sections and the associated right of way. Assessments are performed on 5% of the non-interstate highway system centerlines miles and 10% of the Interstate system centerline miles in Texas. The annual TxMAP report provides the Administration information on how effectively the districts are performing the maintenance. It also documents the overall condition of the highway system and allows maintenance managers to monitor conditions to determine resource needs. Performance data through 2012 can be found on the Maintenance Division Crossroads site. In 2013, the Maintenance Division began loading the performance data into the Maintenance Management System.

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