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Section 6: Close Out

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UPWP Close Out

Because of wording in the planning contract, it is possible that the department's contract with the MPO could be extended without modification or renegotiation. Although the terms and conditions of the contract may not change, the budget and statement of work will change annually or biennially with approval of a succeeding UPWP. It is actually the UPWP that will be closed out rather than the contract.

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When to Close Out

Close out of the UPWP occurs 90 days after the close of the federal fiscal year. It is therefore imperative that the MPO complete all administrative requirements prior to December 31.

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Required Reports

Within 90 days after the end of the federal fiscal year for which the UPWP was applicable, the MPO must submit all financial, performance, and other required reports to the district for subsequent forwarding to TPP. TPP then forwards them to FHWA/FTA and PTN. These items include but are not limited to the:

  • Annual Performance and Expenditure Report (APER)
  • Financial status report
  • Final request for payment
  • Annual List of Projects.
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Failure by the MPOs to submit requests for payment and reports within the specified period will result in a delay in receiving the previous year’s carryover funds. Funding would be limited to the FTA's Section 5303 funds authorization and any new fiscal year PL funds apportioned to the state by FHWA. Costs cannot be incurred until the federal authorization and the state’s letter of authorization is issued.

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