Manual Notice: 2010-2

From: Jim Randall, P.E., Director, TPP Division

Manual: Metropolitan Planning Funds Administration

Effective Date: November 01, 2010

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This manual has been revised to make one technical change and minor changes.

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Chapter 1, Section 2, Sign MOA

A technical change is made by deleting the word, "may," to correct the manual and indicate a federal requirement to sign a memorandum of agreement. "The MPO, the state, and the public transportation operators(s) sign a memorandum of agreement to cooperatively determine their mutual responsibilities in carrying out the metropolitan transportation planning process in accordance with 23 CFR §450.314.

Chapter 3, Section 1, Eligible Activities, UPWP Work

A typographical correction is made by replacing the word, "UPWP" with the word, "MPO." "Because the UPWP is funded with federal metropolitan transportation planning funds, the MPO must incur costs only for work that is outlined in the UPWP…"

Chapter 3, Section 1, Audit

A capitalization correction is made for the proper name, "Legislative Audit Committee."

Chapter 3, Section 3, Last Bullet

A typographical correction is made by replacing the word, "must" with the word, "and." "Include revenue and cost estimates that support the metropolitan transportation plan and use an inflation rate..."

Chapter 3, Section 5, Guidelines, Metropolitan Planning

A typographical correction is made by deleting the redundant word, "action." "The federal administrators will take the appropriate action for each TMA to either issue certification, or deny certification..."

Chapter 3, Section 6, Last Sentence

A typographical correction is made by deleting an editing comment, inadvertently published in the pdf version of the manual.

Chapter 4, Section 3, Inventory

A definition's clarity is improved by changing punctuation and sentence arrangement. "Equipment is defined in federal regulations..."

Chapter 4, Section 4, Requirements

A typographical correction is made by deleting the redundant phrase, "to be included." Subcontracts must include all provisions required by the state or FHWA in the contract between the state and the MPO."

Chapter 4, Section 5, Available Assistance

Punctuation is improved by deleting a colon after "questions" and replacing it with a comma. "If an AUD report includes recommendations, findings, or questions, the district and TPP will coordinate a response."

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Readers may direct questions or suggestions for this manual to the Systems Planning and Programming Section of the Transportation Planning and Programming Division, (512) 486-5038.


Past manual notices are available in pdf archive.

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