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Section 3: Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The MPO must review and update the Metropolitan Transportation Plan ( MTP) at least every four years in air quality nonattainment areas and at least every five years in attainment areas ( 23 CFR §450.322). The MPO may revise the plan at any time without a requirement to extend the horizon year.

At a minimum, the MTP must:

  • Estimate projected demand for transportation services over a minimum of 20 years.
  • List the existing and proposed facilities that work as an integrated metropolitan transportation system.
  • Describe the operational and maintenance strategies that an MPO will use to preserve and make the most efficient use of the existing system. Strategies should strive to relieve congestion and maximize safety and mobility.
  • Consider the results of the congestion management process in TMAs.
  • Assess the capital investments and other measures needed based on regional priorities and needs.
  • Include design concept and scope descriptions of existing and proposed facilities in air quality nonattainment and maintenance areas.
  • Contain a financial plan that demonstrates how the plan can be implemented, reasonable funding sources, and fiscal constraint.
  • Consider appropriate transportation and transit enhancement activities.
  • Include accommodation of bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  • Discuss potential environmental mitigation activities.
  • Include revenue and cost estimates that support the metropolitan transportation plan and use an inflation rate(s) to reflect year of expenditure dollars, based on reasonable financial principles and information.

The MPO shall provide interested parties with a reasonable opportunity to comment on the transportation plan through public participation.

The MTP may be amended at any time. The amendment process carries the same requirements as an MTP update, including public participation.

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