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Section 2: Payments

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The planning contract authorizes the MPO to submit requests for payments on a semi-monthly or monthly basis. The department will exercise due diligence in making prompt payment. Refer to the department's Voucher Manual for additional prompt payment information.

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Incurred Costs

The MPO must submit requests for payment for only those costs incurred during the billing period. A cost is incurred when the service is performed or when supplies or goods are received. Costs incurred must be authorized in the approved UPWP, and costs must not be incurred until the letter of authorization is issued by the department. See the discussion on reimbursements for additional information.

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Required Information

MPOs must submit a request for payment on the TxDOT Form 132 billing statement to the department's district office with information including but not limited to the following:

  • billing period
  • UPWP budget category or line item
  • description of the cost, including date the cost was incurred
  • quantity (when appropriate)
  • price (when appropriate)
  • total due this claim
  • total claimed to date.
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Support Documentation

All costs incurred shall be supported by original source documents such as invoices, time sheets, etc. and the documentation must be maintained in MPO files. These records must be made available to state or federal auditors at reasonable times during the fiscal year and for four years following the date of the final performance report.

If at any time during the contract period the district determines that documentation is required in support of a request for payment, the district may request any or all documentation necessary to support the claim.

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Cost Principles

As stated in the UPWP section of this manual, all costs incurred must be necessary and reasonable for the proper and efficient accomplishment of program objectives, and must be the type of charge that would be allowable under OMB Circular A-87, Cost Principles for State and Local Governments, or other appropriate regulation.

The provisions of 49 CFR Part 18, Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements with State and Local Governments, and applicable state law will also govern payments.

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Voucher Processing

The period of authorization for each year’s UPWP is based on the federal fiscal year, so charges accumulated in the Financial Information Management System (FIMS) on the respective Segment 72 and Segment 74 details will be for the period of October 1, 20xx, through September 30, 20yy.

When the district office processes a voucher for September charges, the fiscal year on the Multi-Vendor Voucher Detail (MVVD) should reflect the state fiscal year.

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End of Year Billing

The following procedures have been implemented to facilitate close-out of each year's UPWP:

  • Billings received within 90 days after the close of the federal fiscal year (September 30) in which the PL program is authorized are charged to the PL program on which the work was performed.
  • The amount authorized in the UPWP cannot be exceeded.
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