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Section 2: Contract Standards

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When to Use

Any time a District or Division (D/D) has identified the need to contract, the D/D should consider the State Use Program. If the product or service can be provided in a timely manner, if it can be provided at a fair market price, and if no other statute or law requires a different contract procedure, the D/D must use the State Use Program.

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Parties to the State Use Program Contract

There are three parties to the State Use Program contract. They are:

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  • TxDOT,
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  • WorkQuest (current Central Nonprofit Agency which promotes and manages the provisions of the State Use Program and functions as a liaison), and
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  • the CRP (Community Rehabilitation Program). The CRP is a government or non-profit private program operated under the criteria established by the Texas Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities.
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Contract Form

The State Use Program contract templates are available on Contract Services’ intranet website.

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Insurance Requirements

The CRP that is selected to perform a service for TxDOT must agree to maintain the following insurance policies throughout the contract period:

The Construction Division monitors workers compensation, general liability, and automobile insurance requirements for State Use Program contracts.

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Any change to the contract requires an amendment using the State Use Program Supplemental Agreement. Amendments to change work, time, or money must reference and attach a revised:

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