Chapter 9: PeopleSoft Financial Supply Chain Management

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Section 1: Overview

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Any expenditure of state funds by state agencies for the establishment, modification, or maintenance of an individual accounting and payroll system must be in compliance with rules, user guides, manuals, and policy statements issued by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, regarding the development, implementation or use of systems within the Uniform Statewide Accounting Project.

PeopleSoft is TxDOT's integrated suite of software that replaced over 22 mainframe and other outdated systems - providing a common technology platform across TxDOT’s core business areas of human resources, finance, supply chain and payroll. PeopleSoft consists of three main applications: Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM), and Enterprise Learning Management (ELM).

This chapter establishes contract management policy for FSCM, an application of PeopleSoft. Districts or Divisions (D/D) that have the responsibility of entering miscellaneous expenditure contract payment data into FSCM are the end users. Contract managers must comply with the FSCM payment procedures for miscellaneous contracts that are not construction and/or maintenance.

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