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Section 4: Mandatory Training Requirements

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In order to better manage its professional services contracting programs, TxDOT has established mandatory training requirements for employees with significant roles in professional and scientific services contracts.

Employees who are required to complete mandatory contracts training must complete the initial training and then undergo follow-up training as required by TxDOT.

All employees who make decisions or recommendations with regard to procurement, negotiation, or management of professional or scientific services contracts with maximum amounts payable of $1 million or more, including work authorizations for those contracts, must comply with these requirements.

The types of contracts addressed in this section include all professional services contracts subject to Tex. Gov't Code ch. 2254 and scientific services contracts subject to Tex. Transp. Code ch. 223. For more information regarding these types of contracts, see the chapters "Use of Private Consultants" and "Scientific Services" within this manual.

Employees subject to the following training requirements include:

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Required Training

If an employee performs duties and tasks on contracts that are subject to the contract claims process, then the following requirements apply to that employee.

Employees subject to these requirements will participate in a multi-day class addressing contracts that are selected based on either best value-based or qualifications-based solicitations.

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  • The "Consultant Management and Administration" training class (CTR 615) is designed primarily for employees who are involved with qualifications based contracts, including engineering, architecture, and surveying contracts. CTR 615 will be offered at least four times a year.
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  • The "Professional Services Best Value Contracting" training class (CTR 104) is designed primarily for employees who are involved in best value based contracts, including scientific services, right of way acquisition provider and appraiser contracts.
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  • Employees who cannot complete either of the mandatory multi-day classes before performing work covered by this section must take the online course "Introduction to Professional Services Contracting" (CTR 103). Completing CTR 103 does not satisfy the requirement that employees complete either mandatory multi-day class as soon as reasonably possible.

All employees subject to these requirements must complete at least six hours per year of continuing education classes. Existing TxDOT classes, or external classes approved by Contract Services, may be used to satisfy this requirement. In addition, all employees subject to this chapter must retake either CTR 615 or CTR 104 at least once every five years.

If an employee is a contract manager for a contract that is not subject to TxDOT’s contract claims process (i.e. purchase orders), then the employee is required to be a Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) after taking the required classes and passing an examination, both offered by the Comptroller’s Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) as provided for by Tex. Gov’t Code §§656.051 and 656.052.

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