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Section 2: PeopleSoft Policy

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PeopleSoft as a Tool

PeopleSoft is an information technology tool that assists in contract preparation, solicitation, award, and contract management. PeopleSoft provides current information to users for budgets, expenses incurred, contract termination dates, and many other types of information. All requisitions must be entered, budget checked, and approved before moving to the contract or purchase order process.

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Contracts Versus Purchase Orders

The PeopleSoft process follows two paths: Contract and Purchase Order.

In this chapter, the term “Contract” includes:

In this chapter, the term “Purchase Orders” includes:



PeopleSoft will process 100% of all TxDOT contracts and purchase orders, other than low bid construction and maintenance contracts. In this chapter, “Contracts” and “Purchase Orders” do not include construction and contracted maintenance.

PeopleSoft is used to generate requisitions, Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), contracts, purchase orders, receipts, and reports to help manage projects. D/D employees use PeopleSoft to generate requisitions and receipts.

There are two Business Units: 601CT and 60144. When processing Professional Services and Miscellaneous Contracts (previously tracked in Segment 41), a TxDOT employee needs to request approval to be in the 601CT Business Unit. The Contract Specialist can have multiple roles. The Requisition, Requisition Approval, and Buyer roles in BUS Unit 601CT can be combined, instead of waiting on these approvals.

When processing requisitions for the purchase of goods and non-professional services (previously created in APS), the TxDOT employee needs to be in 60144 Business Unit. One cannot perform both functions. A decision should be made as to which Business Unit best fits one’s business needs.

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