Appendix A: Federal On-the-Job Training Program Special Provision

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Section 1: Special Provision to Item 000 (000-2683 (04)) On-the-Job Training Program

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  1. Description

    The primary objective of this Special Provision is the training and advancement of minorities, women and economically disadvantaged persons toward journeyworker status. Accordingly, make every effort to enroll minority, women and economically disadvantaged persons to the extent that such persons are available within a reasonable area of recruitment. This training commitment is not intended, and will not be used to discriminate against any applicant for training, whether or not he/she is a member of a minority group.

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  3. Trainee Assignment

    Training assignments are based on the past volume of state-let highway construction contracts awarded with the Department. Contractors meeting the selection criteria will be notified of their training assignment at the beginning of the reporting year by the Department’s Office of Civil Rights.

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  5. Program Requirements

    Fulfill all of the requirements of the On-the-Job Training Program including the maintenance of records and submittal of periodic reports documenting program performance. Trainees will be paid at least 60% of the appropriate minimum journeyworker’s rate specified in the Contract for the first half of the training period, 75% for the third quarter, and 90% for the last quarter, respectively.

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  7. Reimbursement

    If requested, Contractors may be reimbursed $0.80 per training hour at no additional cost to the Department. Training may occur on this project, all other Department contracts, or local-administered federal-aid projects with concurrence of the local government entity. However, reimbursement for training is not available on projects to the extent that such projects that do not contain federal funds.

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  9. Compliance

    The Contractor will have fulfilled the contractual responsibilities by having provided acceptable training to the number of trainees specified in their goal assignment. Noncompliance may be cause for corrective and appropriate measures pursuant to Article 8.7., “Abandonment of Work or Default of Contract,” which may be used to comply with the sanctions for noncompliance pursuant to 23 CFR Part 230.

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