Chapter 4: Contractor Responsibilities

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Section 1: Overview

A contractor’s responsibilities in implementing the training special provision include the following:

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  • Training may be provided by a subcontractor; however, program requirements are still the responsibility of the contractor who has been assigned the goal. Ensure the training special provision is included in each subcontract;
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  • The number of trainees shall be distributed among the work classifications on the basis of the contractor’s needs and the availability of journeyworkers in the various classifications within a reasonable area of recruitment which includes 1) the recruitment area defined by the contractor, 2) the counties where each of the projects are located, and 3) the area where most employees currently working on contractor projects reside;
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  • Periodically review the training and promotion potential of minorities, women, and disadvantaged employees and encourage eligible employees to apply for such training and promotion;
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  • Advise employees and applicants for employment of available training programs and entrance requirements for each;
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  • Furnish each trainee with a copy of their enrollment form, the program curriculum, and training progress reports reflecting the total training hours accumulated;
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  • Submit the required reporting forms in a timely manner to ensure goal credit; to Area office for verification and signature.
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  • Upon graduation, provide each trainee with a certificate showing the type and length of training satisfactorily completed; and
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  • If a trainee is terminated, make a good faith effort to replace the trainee within 30 calendar days of the termination. The replacement trainee need not be enrolled in the same training classification code as the terminated trainee.
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