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Section 2: Goal Credit

Credit will be counted for each trainee who has graduated from the program, pending Area Office and CIV review and verification.

To encourage placement in the more technical classifications, which include more than 2080 maximum training hours, two credits will be counted per trainee graduation in the classifications denoted by an asterisk (*) in Appendix B.

Credit will be counted toward the assigned goal if documentation is provided that a graduate from the Texas Construction Career Academy (TCCA) has been hired for employment. Should a graduate’s employment be terminated, credit will still be allowed if that employee was retained for at least 15 calendar days for a voluntary separation and at least 30 calendar days for all other separations. If the TCCA graduate is also enrolled as a trainee into the OJT program, an additional credit will be allowed when it is documented that the trainee has graduated from the program. Contractors will only receive TCCA credit for graduate’s initial employment with an eligible employer post TCCA academy. Goal credit is only received upon a TCCA graduate’s initial employment after graduation. (TCCA program information can be found in the Supportive Services section.)

Credit will not be counted when the contractor fails to provide acceptable training or evidences a lack of good faith effort in meeting the requirements of this program. (See Compliance).

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