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Section 2: Monitoring Requirements

CIV will send the contractor quarterly progress reports. These reports will outline how the contractor is progressing towards meeting the goal.

Upon receipt and approval of the Contractor OJT Plan form, CIV will continually monitor the planned start date to ensure training begins accordingly. Should the contractor not have any individuals enrolled or undergoing training as indicated in the Contractor OJT Plan form, CIV will evaluate a contractor’s recruitment efforts to ensure the program requirements are being met.

Upon receipt of the Federal OJT Program Enrollment Form, CIV will either approve or deny the request and notify the contractor of the decision via email. If approved, CIV will also notify the applicable Area Office.

Each month, the contractor will submit the Federal OJT Program Monthly Reporting Form to the applicable Area Office(s). The monthly reports will contain sufficient data and narrative content to enable evaluation of both progress and problems encountered. Upon receipt of the monthly report, a designee in the applicable office must verify the training hours indicated on the form against the certified payroll and ensure the trainee is being paid accordingly. The certified payroll must reflect the trainee’s training classification and the actual number of hours training for that payroll period. The form must be signed by the reviewer, retained in the project files and submitted to CIV.

Area Office personnel will conduct labor interviews and wage rate monitoring utilizing the Construction Division’s Labor Standards Review Form. At least one interview per trainee should be conducted during their training period to verify their training status and/or progress toward completing the training program. Copies of the completed forms must be forwarded to CIV.

For reimbursement, district personnel can either add a detail number during activation or by change order to pay the contractor. Reimbursement is allowed on multiple federal-aid contracts or if a project-specific goal, only on the DB/CDA project assigned the goal, as long as the total hours to be reimbursed have been verified through a review of the certified payrolls and accurately reflects the total hours of actual training. The contractor will not be reimbursed if there was a lack of good faith effort on the part of the contractor in meeting the requirements of the program. Additionally, reimbursement is not allowed for any trainee enrolled in the Federal OJT Program that is training on an ARRA project.

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