Chapter 3: Program Guidelines

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Section 1: Overview

The Department’s Civil Rights Division (CIV) is the office of primary responsibility for the administration of the OJT program. The Construction Division, the Project Finance, Debt and Strategic Contracts Division and Offices, Districts, and Area Offices will work closely with CIV to implement the OJT program through procedures and ongoing monitoring. The Federal OJT program targets women, minorities, and disadvantaged individuals for entry into journey-level positions to ensure that a competent workforce is available to meet highway construction hiring needs, and to address the historical under-representation of members of these groups in highway construction skilled crafts.

The program addresses the following considerations:

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  • Emphasis on the recruitment of trainees who are likely to become members of a contractor's regular workforce upon completion of the program;
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  • Emphasis on training in skilled craft classifications; and
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  • Assisting contractors in meeting their EEO goals through training of women, minorities, and disadvantaged individuals.
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