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Section 3: Project-Specific Goals

CIV works with the Project Finance, Debt and Strategic Contracts Division in obtaining Design-Build (DB) and Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) project information to assign project-specific goals. The number of trainee positions will be specified in the training special provision included in the contract. CIV will notify the Developer 30 days before contract execution.

The project-based program ensures uniform and effective monitoring, reporting, and administration of the program. The DB/CDA projects may have longer construction periods and therefore may have more training opportunities. Additional training requirements include:

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  • Training must commence on the DB/CDA project which also must contain the applicable OJT special provision;
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  • Trainee shall begin training on the DB/CDA project after start of work; and
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  • Trainee shall remain on the DB/CDA project as long as training opportunities exist or until the training is completed.
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7.3.1 Goal Methodology

DB/CDA projects are reviewed for their potential inclusion into the TxDOT Project-Specific OJT program in accordance with the guidelines set forth in 23 CFR§230.111:

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  1. Dollar value of the construction services contract;
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  3. Duration of the construction work activity;
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  5. Geographic location;
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  7. Availability of minorities, women, and disadvantaged for training;
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  9. The potential for effective training;
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  11. Type of work;
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  13. Total normal work force that the average proposer could be expected to use;
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  15. The need for additional journeymen in the area;
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  17. Recognition of the suggested minimum goal for the State; and
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  19. A satisfactory ratio of trainees to journeymen expected to be on the design-builder/developer's work force during normal operations.

Once a project is selected, the DB/CDA project’s construction cost estimate is used to identify the number of trainees that will be assigned to that project. The formula for assigning project-specific goals is illustrated in the following table:

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Figure 7-2.  

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7.3.2 Reporting Requirements

At or before contract execution, the contractor must submit the Contractor OJT Plan form to CIV. The plan shall specify how the contractor intends to satisfy its goal.

Should the contractor not have any individuals enrolled or undergoing training as indicated in the Contractor OJT Plan form, the following information must be provided to CIV:

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  • An updated Contractor OJT Plan form;
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  • A listing of recruitment sources used for minority, women, and disadvantaged individuals, such as minority, women, and disadvantaged community organizations, faith based organizations, Texas Workforce Commission, associations, and recruitment area newspapers;
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  • A copy of the applicant log that shows name of the applicant, gender, race/ethnicity, and date of application; and
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  • The Metropolitan Statistical Area(s) or other statistical defined area used for outreach and recruitment where the contractor’s project is located.

The contractor must submit the Federal OJT Program Enrollment Form to CIV within seven business days of its intent to assign trainees to the project and the training classification to be utilized.

The contractor must submit the Federal OJT Program Monthly Reporting Form to the applicable Area Office by the 10th of each month. A copy must also be submitted to CIV. If there are no hours worked during the month, zero hours should be reported. The certified payroll must reflect the trainee’s training classification and the actual number of hours training for that payroll period. Upon graduation or termination, include this information on the monthly report submitted. Additionally, reimbursement may be requested utilizing this form.

The contractor will utilize the appropriate forms as described herein to notify the Department of the termination of a trainee and the enrollment of a replacement trainee.

Copies of the Contractor OJT Plan form and the OJT reporting forms are located in Appendix C.

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