Section 4: Boat Ramp Maintenance

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Authority for Maintaining Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Boat Ramps

The Department maintains TPWD operated boat ramp facilities on highway right-of-way, in accordance with the Boat Ramp Memorandum of Agreement (Minute Order No. 103818). The summary of required details in the agreement follows.

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TxDOT Responsibilities

According to the Memorandum of Agreement, TxDOT is responsible for:

  • Providing vegetation management, mowing, and trimming
  • Providing litter pick-up and disposal
  • Providing appropriate directional and regulatory signs
  • Maintaining paved surfaces
  • Maintaining unpaved surfaces by blading as necessary
  • Performing periodic inspections of facilities
  • Submitting to TPWD annual report of the list of ramps that require major rehabilitation
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TPWD Responsibilities

According to the Memorandum of Agreement, TPWD is responsible for:

  • Providing for major rehabilitation of boat ramp parking lots and access roads
  • Performing periodic inspection of the facilities
  • Providing safe boating signs as needed
  • Retaining operational control of the facilities
  • Dredging of the facilities
  • New construction
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Public Boat Ramp Signs

PUBLIC BOAT RAMP sign (D7-5), should be used to designate boat ramps. The signs may be erected in advance of the access road that leads from a marked highway route to a public boat ramp. Only toll free ramps, which are maintained by a public authority, may be signed.

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